Principal’s welcome

As the new Principal of Ballyowen Meadows Special school it is my pleasure to introduce our new school website. I would like to say what a pleasure it is to lead this wonderful school and you are most welcome to browse the website for information about our school and upcoming and past events that we are involved in. As a school for Children with Autism we pride ourselves on providing child focused individualised education for all our children while also involving our children in as many initiatives and activities that other primary schools are involved in. At Ballyowen Meadows the children are the centre of all that we do.

The school ethos “We Can All Succeed” is at the forefront of our approach to education. Our approaches are child-centred and our understanding of each child allows us to plan and help  the children develop at their own pace, valuing each child’s abilities and needs.

Our school prides itself on team work and a happy atmosphere so that all children feel safe and cared for while learning. Individualised strategies are used to progress each child’s academic, social, emotional and personal development. We strive for excellence through innovative education, training and the use of the most up to date practices in the area of Autism for the benefit of all our children. Individual education and care needs plans are prioritised in an environment that considers the safety and welfare of all our children. We work in partnership with our parents in developing independence and life skills that are relevant to each child. We work with clinicians such as Psychologists,  Occupational Therapists and Speech and language therapists and incorporate their recommendations into our planning and teaching. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

Thigam Padayachee